News / Texas Freedom Caucus Calls on Grassroots Texans to Aid in Wastebook Project

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

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Members of the Texas Freedom Caucus call on all Texans who care about how their tax dollars are spent to assist in the Texas Accountability Project, the caucus’s new initiative aimed at curbing wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars and lowering the tax burden on taxpaying Texans. At a time when Texans need to be taxed as little as possible, this project allows our caucus the resources to research suspected instances of government waste, fraud, and abuse—all of which wastes your money and worse, keeps your tax burden high. We will rely heavily on grassroots Texans interested in curbing wasteful spending to submit to us instances they themselves witness or suspect. We have built a website that allows for easy reporting and uploading of files at

We will compile these examples into a report called The Texas Wastebook, named after its federal counterpart, that will highlight some of the more egregious spending in the state and make recommendations for spending resources elsewhere or to end the funding entirely. The late U.S. Senator Tom Coburn made the Federal Wastebook his life’s work, and he inspired millions across the nation—including us—to continue his efficient government philosophy at the state level. We intend to do that in Texas and dedicate a portion of this work to his memory.

All you have to do is report suspected government waste. We'll do the legislative research necessary to put a stop to it. The process is simple:

  • You report suspected fraud, waste, or abuse through our reporting portal on the project’s website.
  • We compile your data and properly investigate using legislative research and inquiries into the matter at hand. The most egregious examples of confirmed waste will be included in The Texas Wastebook, which we will publish biennially before the budget process begins.
  • We will distribute copies of the Wastebook to grassroots organizations across the state and to our colleagues in the Legislature and their staff to bring awareness to the areas on which we must prioritize.
  • By responding to the evidence in the report coupled with pressure from citizens like yourself, the Legislature passes a slimmer budget, well within the means of the average Texan's ability to pay and one that mirrors the same decline seen in businesses across the state due to the economic downtown.
  • As a result of a slimmer budget, state government is forced to prioritize more effectively, leaving more resources available to essential areas in the budget such as healthcare and education.
  • A more efficient budget translates to a lesser tax burden on citizens and a more efficient governmental structure.

If you are interested in learning more on how to stop government waste, visit us at To sign up for monthly e-mail updates on the project, click here. 

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