Our Mission

Your Government. Your Money. 

We've all heard the story before: Government official gets caught up in a mess of corruption, expenditures are made, and taxpayer money is wasted. Whether it's tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayer funds directed toward liquor conferences in Hawaii and California or even just a small bit of tax dollars being directed toward a questionable source, nearly every instance of tax dollar waste is identified through someone reporting it, whether it be a government employee who witnessed it personally, or an interested citizen overhearing a conversation on the sidewalk. In short, it is difficult to identify true waste and abuse of tax dollars without someone having some direct knowledge of the waste.

That's why we launched the Texas Accountability Project. The objective of the project is to utliize taxpayer and government employee input to identify examples of state government waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer money in order to reduce tax burdens on Texans and to ensure that taxpayer money is wisely spent and efficiently used only on necessary services.

The recent Coronavirus pandemic only underscores the need for this type of project. Tax revenues will fall tremendously as more and more Texans find themselves out of work, and even as the economy begins its road to recovery, the Texas Legislature will still have to make tough budgetary decisions come next legislative session. With your help, we can identify areas of waste so that we can free up more dollars for the essential services Texans expect from their government.  The Texas Accountability Project is a project of the Texas Freedom Caucus, a group of conservative legislators in the Texas House of Representatives.

Here's how it works:

  1. You report suspected fraud, waste, or abuse of your tax dollars through our reporting portal on this website.

  2. We properly investigate using legislative research and inquiries compile the data into the Texas Wastebook, a biennial publication highlighting some of the most egregious aspects of waste at the state government level.

  3. We distribute the Texas Wastebook to grassroots organizations across the state and to our colleagues in the Legislature to bring awareness to the areas on which we must prioritize.

  4. The Legislature passes a slimmer budget, well within the means of the average Texan's ability to pay and one that mirrors the decline seen in families and businesses across the state due to the economic downtown.

  5. State government prioritizes more effectively, leaving more resources available to the areas in the budget that the state must focus most on.

  6. A lesser budget translates to a lesser tax burden on citizens, bringing your initial action of reporting waste, fraud, or abuse full circle and leaving more money in your pocket.

All you have to do is report it. After all, it's your government, and it's your money.

If you know of any instances of waste, fraud, or abuse of taxpayer dollars, please report it here so we can investigate!


If you want to submit a report click here